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The New Hampshire Arts Learning Network is a collaborative of individuals, organizations and groups with a common interest in arts education, working to support quality arts learning for all students in New Hampshire by sharing information, resources and services.
The NH Arts Learning Network supports quality arts education for all New Hampshire students by:

  • Increasing communications and connections among key stakeholders
  • Sharing and leveraging resources, research  and ideas for growth and sustainability
  • Encouraging best practice in arts teaching and learning (in and out of school)
  • Providing an open forum for policy discussion and information
  • Raising awareness of the value and benefits of arts learning
  • Fostering collaborations and partnerships that support arts education in our state

The NH Arts Learning Network will: 

  • Build community and communication
  • Raise awareness of the value and importance of arts education and arts in education
  • Make connections among business, non-profits,government, education and higher education, community, parents and students
  • Provide support and resources from the grass roots up to policy and decision makers
  • Share quality models of arts learning
  • Provide direct/current information and news